a refreshing project…

Although officially a few days out, I sit in the South today and wow it feels like SUMMER! We are always creating and designing something at Springboard and moving closer to the vision we have to impact individuals in a profound way in their health, wealth and emotional wellness. Somedays the work is super hard. Other days there is more than enough grace to cover all the work we need to get over the finish line. This past week I have watched our current team (some newer and some part of OG team) step into a unified front as some prior team members have decided the mission is no longer for them. It’s been super refreshing!

In the 90’s I found loads of joy in creating mixtapes for my friends! Spotify surely does make this process much easier today than in the old days – and it has been SO MUCH FUN! I asked our team to send me some tracks they are currently spinning so we could create this playlist to share with each other and you as we splash into summer. I felt this was a fairly simple request AND yet the curiosity factor was super high! We have been relatively quiet on social platforms over here at Springboard most of the year but I sense we may be coming out of our shell – and with a pretty incredible playlist!

As the songs came rushing in to my inbox, I was overwhelmed by the stories and emotions some of these songs brought up for me and although not part of the request I can only imagine the stories the sender has with them! In particular, 5 things stood out…

  1. “He Won’t Ever Be Gone” by Willie Nelson was a great reminder of this amazing industry we get to be part of at Springboard Benefits. About 20 years ago, I met and hung out with Merle Haggard after being invited by an HR department I was working with in Chattanooga, TN. They had hosted Merle in concert for their truck drivers and I had the honor of being invited. I had forgotten about that song until this week and had not thought about that concert in ages. Now have listened to it several times.
  2. Although no one submitted the same song, Our Spotify playlist grammy goes to Chris Stapleton – he was nominated twice for two different songs, “Broken Halo’s” and “Starting Over.” He is pretty awesome!
  3. The attraction of “Superstition” by Stevie Wonder and “Mercury in Retrograde” by Sturgill Simpson on the playlist without any manipulation made me laugh a bit.
  4. I think ” Roll With the Changes” by REO Speedwagon is likely the most applicable song to how we collectively feel at Springboard most days and maybe it speaks to you right now too…however, the last song on the playlist (and last one submitted)- “Mercy” by Dave Matthews Band just did something to me when I pressed play— I give a big thumbs up to “lifting up our eyes, lifting up our hearts!”
  5. People love music in their own way, with their own ears! It is by divine design that none of us submitted the same songs and thank goodness our team does not all think the same.

The collaboration of all of this music is just good work! As our team heads into summer next week we are focused on using this “summer refresh” theme to bring forth better and more refreshing experiences to our team and all our users!

So, grab your phone, take a picture of the QR code below, grab a beverage of choice, BE REFRESHED and enjoy the music!

Amy, Springboard Benefits Founder and aspiring DJ!

P.S. and I highly recommend Spotify for anyone who does not currently use it!