Springboard Benefits

Say Goodbye to Dreadful Open Enrollments

Say hello iris! and welcome to a delightful and welcoming enrollment experience for open enrollment, new hires, and qualifying life events with coaches and resources available anytime, anywhere.

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Unleash the Value of Your Benefits

The investment in your health and benefits program is massive. hello iris! ensures you get the biggest bang for your buck. Say goodbye to throwing good money after bad and say hello iris!

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Eliminate Complicated Invoicing

Focus on what is important to your HR team and say goodbye to confusing and complex invoicing and inaccurate premium calculations. And, say hello to clear financial reconciliation across all carriers and benefits. We’re here to help save you time.

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Say Hello to More Time and Less Stress

Say goodbye to wasting time chasing complicated and unique benefit questions. Stop feeling the pressure of your employees' healthcare stress and welcome them to a delightful and personalized health and benefits experience.

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Say Hello to Smarter Benefit Management

We built hello iris! with you in mind. Whether you are a parent trying to protect your family or an employer looking for a benefits package that works for your whole team, hello iris! is here to help.

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Wherever life takes you, hello iris! is there

Life gets complicated. People get sick. Sometimes they switch jobs and move cities. Families grow, split apart, and healthcare needs change every day. It seems the only thing that stays the same is the fact that nothing ever will. hello iris! is a platform built to follow the twists and turns of a modern American life, so you can stop worrying and start living.

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Better benefit management means giving you access to tools and tips that simplify healthcare buying. From blog articles to complimentary one-on-one benefits coaching, hello iris! is here to help.

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