As our lifestyle changes by the hour, I continue to process the layers and complexities of this pandemic and its impact on our society. I know it is impacting each of you personally. I believe this is the single most connected experience our World has ever faced. It is a beautiful thing to see communities coming together to support one another during such uncertain times… and the Springboard community is no different. 

Our team has devoted their careers to health, benefits and technology. Whether we were conscious of it or not, we have been in training for this type of situation. Responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have never been more determined to radically impact the lives of the individuals we serve.

In the forefront of my mind are those dealing with life events other than direct virus implications. Life continues to move forward:  birthday’s, funerals, weddings, childbirth, divorce, bankruptcy, those struggling with mental illness, addictions, cancer, diabetes, the list goes on and on. These things do not stop because of the virus. At Springboard, we feel it is our time to lead, to serve, to share, to give, to believe, to encourage, to create, to produce, to love, to understand and to keep going.

Since day one of Springboard we have always created an environment for our employees to work from a place in which they are the most productive to serve our mission of empowering health beyond the borders of geo location. And, we are doing that each day in ways that are impacting people in profound ways. Our benefit coaching team is ready to serve with any concerns or questions you or your employees may be experiencing. We are here to deliver a health and benefits experience to you that will help direct your health ownership.

There has never been a greater need, and massive momentum towards, health innovation, and access to creative benefit programs that ensure the overall health and wellness of individuals, employees… those we care for and serve.

My prayers and thoughts go out to the communities we serve and beyond during this time. As a society we will make it through this wintery season. Although it is not without pain and heartache, I believe we will look back and stand in awe of the greatness that will come out of this struggle. 

Peace be with each of you. Stay home. Stay connected.

Amy Parkman