Springboard Benefits Frequently Asked Questions
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I am ready to transform our benefits experience. How easy is it to migrate current information?

Our solutions team will walk you through the process of switching systems or moving from paper to platform. hello iris! is able to take in current elections and can migrate data to make it as simple on your team as possible.

How quickly can we start using the platform?

The standard implementation time is 30 days. If we need to create connectivity with a carrier or vendor we have not traded data with in the past, we will give you a timeline for that scope of work if outside of 30 days. The moment we create a landing page your team can have access to our benefit coaches.

What size of employers do you serve?

The design of our platform allows us to serve employer groups from as small as 5 to infinity. We are passionate about bringing benefit literacy and education to employers who have not traditionally been afforded personalized resources.

What does your ideal customer profile look like?

We love benefits administration. But not for the reasons you may think. We believe the data powers a better user experience and allows your employees to become more connected to their health and benefits. If you care about increasing your employees understanding and experience with their health, then we are the PERFECT fit!

How do you simplify my integration with my vendors?

We trade data with over 50 vendors and add new vendors every day. We trade data through data integrations, flat files, CSV, whatever the preferred mode of the third party is. We love real-time automation, but we recognize that the industry has not quite caught up to all of our hopes and wishes quite yet.

Who builds the plans out?

Our team builds the plans and gets the platform ready for your team to test. We rely heavily on accurate data from you, your broker or your carriers. We rely on your expertise around eligibility and we look for ways to make that communication simple and easy for you.

How do employees access the platform?

Employees and administrators have unique usernames and logins. Our coaching team is always happy to help with an employee that needs assistance, but login is really simple to navigate.

Do you manage evidence of insurability?

Yes, we actually love the opportunity to optimize the evidence of insurability process with you and our vendors. If we can create one less login for our users, we are up for the task.

Do you help with life events or are you only open for enrollment?

Actually, we do both! Most clients use us all year for open enrollment and ongoing administration, new hires and qualifying life events. However, we have a great track record of helping you in a bind. It is not uncommon for a large HRIS or payroll vendor to miss a “go live” date. When this happens, hello iris! saves the day by becoming a short term solution while you wait for your vendor’s availability. We also have the unique ability to embed our coaching team into another platform in the event you want to keep the employee experience seamless after a transition.

What does hello iris! mean?

The name hello iris! was brought to life to align with the iris of the eye. The iris creates clarity and takes something black and white and creates color. We are all about bringing life to the world of insurance and benefits and making it fun! iris! has also become quite an icon among our users as she is often referred to as a real person that always seems to have the perfect benefit magic to make your problems go away.

Do you provide year-round benefit coaching?

Yes, our solutions team and our benefit coaching team are on deck all year. We are here to simplify the healthcare experience. That does not happen in a brief engagement with your employees once a year. We are here when they have questions about assessing and optimizing their plans, not just get them enrolled!